OPEA will conduct a capitol rally April 7th for members from Regions Six through Eleven. We will meet at the OPEA office around 11:30 for lunch provided by OPEA and a briefing on legislative issues. We will then go to the capitol to meet with legislators. A second capitol rally will be held April 21st for members from Regions One through Five. These are two opportunities for you to “Speak Up For State Employees”.
Our association’s approach to these days emphasizes one-on-one communication between our members and their legislators. We also see it as an opportunity for members to meet legislative leadership.  OPEA staff will be available to assist our members in finding and speaking with their legislators.
Even though there is a budget shortfall this year, we will use these days to continue to emphasize the importance of following throughwith plans to continue implementing the five-year compensation plan that was initiated last session. The need to improve state employee compensation is still there and must be addressed.
We will also remind lawmakers that state agencies have been cut enough over the past few years and the state needs to find other ways to balance the budget besides cutting state employees and the programs they work in.
We will let them know that the state needs to review tax credits and incentives to make sure that these incentives are having the positive economic that they are supposed to provide. Currently, there is no assessment of these credits so the state cannot be sure that they are beneficial to Oklahomans.
OPEA is happy to assist members in connecting with their legislators whether at the capitol or in their home district. When our members visit with lawmakers, they should remind them that they were elected to serve the people and state employees are key to providing services in their district. Make sure they get to know you and know that you are an OPEA member.
If you need more information about the capitol days, please contact OPEA at (405) 524-6764.

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President's Corner

 Many years ago (fourteen to be exact), I remember sitting at my high school baccalaureate service.  Being an eighteen year old kid about to finish my secondary education and transitioning to college and adulthood, I remember thinking “what is this minister going to tell me that I do not already know?”   Because we all know that high school seniors have the entire world conquered and know everything there is to know about life. 

I distinctly remember the message theme being “What is on your t-shirt?”   I asked myself, “What and why does it matter?”As with many things, as I became older and wiser, the philosophy behind the message has become much clearer. 

As we go through life, we are the walking and talking billboards for things that matter to us.  Many times, we express in print by wearing a shirt that depicts something we believe in or like.  Whether it is a sports team, our local high school, a favorite band, or a religious theme, what we have on our shirt most likely serves as an advertisement for something we believe is great.  It is something with which we are proud to associate.  In hindsight, I now know that the minister was telling my class what we project to the world is how the world will see us.

When it comes to your membership in the OPEA, what are you projecting to other state employees both  members and non-members?  The leadership of the Association is very grateful for your membership.  But, as I have said before, I would challenge you to be more than just a dues-paying member.  Be engaged.  In a figurative sense, put OPEA on your t-shirt and wear it around proudly.  OPEA’s leadership and staff can voice everything that is great about this Association.  And do so in a convincing fashion.  But as a colleague, you will have a much greater impact on preaching OPEA’s message than anyone else. 

I understand that preaching that message can occasionally be uncomfortable.  The landscape of state employment, as well as Oklahoma’s state government, has changed quite dramatically over the previous seven years.  Always remember, that even during difficult times, the OPEA was always there advocating for you.  When there were speed bumps, OPEA was there serving as your voice.   Even if we were not successful 100 percent of the time, we still had a seat at the table. 

I would encourage you to help grow our membership.  You are our best advocate.  Do not be afraid to be a proud member of this Association.  Always remember, the OPEA will be wearing your t-shirt for Oklahoma’s leadership to see. 

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    Stand Up For State Employees Next Tuesday, April 21st It is time to “Stand Up For State Employees”. OPEA members from Regions One through Five will want to come to the capitol next Tuesday, April 21st to advocate for state employees. If you can’t make it to OKC, we urge you to speak up by calling or emailing your state senator or representative on April 7th.     Tell Your Legislators: Remember to make state employee compensation a top priority No more cuts to state services to balance the budget. We’ve been cut enough It’s time to review tax breaks for business to see if they are working 

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    • Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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    Stand Up For State Employees   Regions One through Five will go to the Capitol on Tuesday, April 21st. Meet at OPEA at 11:30 a.m.

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    OPEA members from Regions 6-11 will be at the capitol today. If you can't make it to OKC you can still advocate on behalf of yourself and fellow state employees. Call or email your legislators and tell them: 1. Don't forget the 5 year plan to improve employee compensation. Make it a priority. 2. State employees have been cut enough over the past few years. Don't cut them more to balance the budget. Enough! 3. It is time for Oklahoma to look at increasing revenue. Review corporation tax breaks to see if they are effective. This is a bad budget year but it is still important that we‪#‎standup4stateemployees.

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OPEA's mission is to unite public employees in Oklahoma to improve the quality of state employment. We are a grass-roots, member-driven organization. Our board and staff receive information and ideas through member dialogue and participation.